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Your Favourite Irish and Easy Listening tunes played on Steel guitar and Dobro for only £9.99



Having worked for many years with so many of the top names in the industry, people like Tammy Wynette, Slim Whitman, Daniel O'Donnell, Big Tom, Philomena Begley, Brendan Shine, etc, etc. At long last I've managed to find time to record these tunes some of which I've also featured on the Brolly & Friends Birmingham Symphony Hall concerts and on many television shows. I hope you enjoy listening to this album. If there are any tunes that you would like me to record in the future, please let me know. You can always contact me via Facebook or email me :-

Thank you for buying my CD, please keep in touch.



Bonus Tracks for download purchasers


Produced by Bob Brolly and Basil Hendricks
Recorded, engineered and mixed at Bob Brolly Studio, Coventry, England

©Copyright M.C.P.S. 2016


Copyright 2016 Silk Purse Music. All rights reserved